Month: July 2017

Arthur Becker’s Journey to Real Estate Success

A trip into Arthur Becker’s real estate office, located in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York, reveals a man that is deeply passionate about a slew of different things. One half of his office is completely beholden to his fierce passion for artwork. You’ll see a studio with sculptures, paintings, and projects on display and for sale. On the other half of the office you will see some of the largest developmental real estate work in New York City on display. Becker’s willingness to pursue his passion in all walks of life has led him to some major forms of success, particularly in real estate and that is where we will be focusing today.

Arthur Becker transitioned from banking and work as a stockbroker right into the exciting and fast paced field of real estate in New York City. Becker turned his first fortune into a slew of investments in real estate in both New York and Florida before finally deciding to stick it out in the Big Apple. Becker revealed on Curbed that he knew going in that New York’s real estate scene could be notoriously tough to break into so he began work as a quiet backer, working right alongside some of the top names in the industry.

Becker said on Huffington Post that he got his start in the New York real estate scene in 2011 when he established Madison Partners LLC and he immediately went to work. Becker worked alongside Kevin Maloney as well as Michael Stern on their Billionaires Row project which was located at 111 West 57th Street. Becker would transition from this huge development to a luxury condo unit on Sullivan Street in downtown Soho. Becker’s work as a quiet backer on all of these developments put him in a position to create a network of connections while also establishing nice returns on his investments. This is the way to get an ‘in’ with the real estate crowd and Becker explored it perfectly.

Arthur Becker’s path to real estate may seem relatively linear but it truly was anything but. Becker focused on investments that he was passionate and knowledgeable about and he parlayed that passion into success in the investment field.

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