Month: September 2017

Investment Projects Coordinated By Madison Street Capital

As an investment banking firm, MSC has been involved in several key projects that have been a huge success. Thanks to the remarkable achievements, the brand’s reputation has continued to improve.

With its headquarters based in Chicago, the firm has been in operation since 2005 offering business financial advisory services and has now expanded into Africa and Asia. We highlight a few of the investments projects that have contributed to building the name of the brand.

This year Madison Street Capital helped to arrange for financing on behalf of its client, Maintenance Systems management. Based in San Francisco, the Maintenance Systems Management provides cleaning and upkeep services for owners of properties. The useful financial advice that MSC offered got the president of MSM applauding the firm for achieving what the company expected.

Further, Madison coordinated a sale lease-back valued at 13 million dollars. Besides, MSC provided financial advisory to its client, WLR Automotive Group based in Maryland. The firm owns several businesses including 20 maintenance and clean and repair outlets for cars.

Also, another milestone of Madison Street Capital is acting as the sole financial advisor for City Elevator where it coordinated the transaction for a credit facility. The CEO of MSC, Charles Botchway was the first to release the news. Read more: Madison Street Capital Investment Banking Overview | Academia

Elsewhere, Madison Street Capital provided guidance and advice in the selling of a subsidiary of Dowco Group of Companies, Fabro Systems, Inc. Aveva Group plc, a holding company based in the UK was the acquiring company. The transaction between the two companies went as expected and announced by the CEO of Madison Street Capital.

Besides, MSC was the exclusive advisor for ARES Security Corporation, a dealer in software located Virginia in their transaction involving recapitalization of the minority and also subordinated debts. It was the great honor for the ARES to trust Madison Street Capital in a deal of such magnitude.

Even more, MSC was the sole advisor for Hatch Chile Co. in the transaction of mezzanine facility worth $7 million provided by Farragut Capital Partners. Barry Peterson, the Senior Management Director for Madison Street Capital, led the group the coordinated the transaction. Read more: About Madison Street Capital

Moreover, MSC was involved in the transaction between Dowco Group of Companies and Cansel Survey Equipment, Inc. in the resell of Dowco Technologies Services, a business owned by Dowco Group of Companies. Cansel Survey Equipment distributes new and second-hand land-related positioning systems as well as equipment and software throughout Canada.

Any business that aims to makes prudent investment decisions has to seek the services of professionals at Madison Street Capital.

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How Betsy DeVos has pushed for reforms in the Education Sector

Betsy DeVos is a distinguished business leader, politician, philanthropist, and education activist. For decades now, she has been taking part in several activities that have transformed the lives of Americans. Mrs. DeVos’ greatest accomplishments are the reforms that she has brought to the education sector. Her campaigns have ensured that all children have decent education through the use of school vouchers and charter schools. Betsy is the wife of a successful Michigan-based businessman who is known as Dick DeVos. He is the owner of the Windquest Group, and his family owns Amway and Orlando Magic. The couple has been managing their charity undertakings through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation since 1989. The foundation has offered funds to support medical research, education, leadership, art, and Christianity. In 2016, the DeVos family was ranked by Forbes Magazine as the United States’ wealthiest family with a net worth of $5.4 billion.


Mrs. DeVos has currently pushed for education reforms in over 25 states. She strives to ensure that children from different neighborhoods can attend schools that are suitable for them. The outstanding work that Betsy has been doing in the sector enabled her to join Donald Trump’s cabinet as the 11th secretary of education. She once sat on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Mrs. DeVos is appreciated for her outstanding work at the All Children Matter PAC, Grand Rapids Public School, and Alliance for School Choice. Her family supported the Christian-based Potter’s House School so that it could continue with its mission of educating disadvantaged children.


The philanthropist has made significant political accomplishments for the past three decades. She kicked off by becoming a Michigan Republican Party member in 1982. By 1986, Betsy has gained sufficient experience and was appointed as a delegate. She kept striving and was later chosen to the Republican National Committee of Michigan in 1992. Four years later, the Michigan Republican Party elected her to serve as its chairperson. Mrs. DeVos has played a great role in assisting the party in raising funds. In 2004, she took part in a fundraiser to facilitate the reelection of George W. Bush and donated $150,000. The DeVos family has been supporting the Republican Party for decades, and it has given about $17 million to support the election of various candidates.


Betsy is also recognized for her outstanding success in the business world. She is on the administration team of Windquest, which is a firm that deals with a broad array of activities. Mrs. and Mrs. DeVos also own significant shares at Neurocore. The enterprise generates its revenue by providing outstanding therapies for persons who have depression, anxiety, and autism. The couple also facilitated West Michigan Aviation College’s construction.


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Avaaz: Largest Online Activist Network

Avaaz is a civic organization that mobilizes people to campaign on various issues via online petitions. Avaaz mostly supports progressive causes such as animal rights, climate change, promoting support for refugees, human rights, conflict, poverty and corruption. Even though Avaaz’s leadership claims to have no ideology it mostly supports groups that champion western ideology. During Iran’s presidential election in 2009, Avaaz configured proxy servers that allowed activists and protestors in Iran to upload videos of protests onto blocked websites such as YouTube. Avaaz also supported the no-fly zone in Libya which led to the toppling of the Gadhafi regime in 2011. Avaaz was also a crucial player in civil demonstrations that preceded Syria’s Civil War. Avaaz trained Syrian activists and provided them with internet communications gear worth $1.5 million. Later as the civil war intensified and the refugee crisis in Syria became worse, the group sent $2 million in medical equipment to Syria. The group has also partnered with journalists in Syria. It helped smuggle 34 journalists into Syria, who gave first hand reports on the atrocities committed by the Assad regime. During the 2016 US election Avaaz campaigned against the Republican candidate Donald Trump. The organization also created a software tool that simplified voter registration for individuals who were overseas.

Avaaz was created in 2007 by individuals from organizations such as, the Service Employees International Union and The group’s management team is led by Ricken Patel who acts as executive director and president. In 2009, Avaaz stopped receiving funds from companies and organizations. The company decided that it would be funded by individual members only. This action was taken so as to minimize influence from a single organization. Additionally the group limits donations to $5000. All campaigns initiated by Avaaz must first be approved a significant percentage of the members. This helps unite the members who come from diverse backgrounds.