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The Institute of Iron Lungs

As the world festers into a cesspool of pollution, more and more people are reporting severe respiratory problems. Although some of them are minute, others are life threatening. The threat of lung disease can be depressing. However, there is help out there. In fact, those suffering from respiratory problems have multiple options to choose from. Yet, few health facilities compare with the Lung Institute. In fact, the Lung Institute was created to address the problems previously listed.

Aside from being endowed with several resources, the Lung Institute has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people. In particular, it has made a huge difference in the lives of those suffering from chronic lung disease. Aside from curing thousands of people, the Lung Institute has restored mobility to those who once found it difficult to do. Things such as going to the bathroom were a hassle for many of their patients until the Lung Institute made a difference in their lives. Unlike treatment centers that treat patients as if they are carbon copies, the Lung Institute addresses each patient uniquely. In addition, they provide several treatment options. Visit to learn more.

Through evidenced based research, the Lung Institute ( has created a therapy involving the use of stem cells. As a result, the treatment has cured diseases that were otherwise untreatable. What makes the stem cell therapy so unique is the fact that it uses cells from the patient’s own body. To work, the treatment utilizes the natural healing of their body. Also, the treatment is among the least invasive treatments around with a faster turnaround than other treatment options.

At the Cedars-Sinai Lung Institute, patients can expect optimal results from their staff. The Lung Institute boasts some of the best staff in the industry. Their excellence can be demonstrated by the testimony of their patients and the rave reviews they receive. One of their standout personnel is Dr. Jack Coleman. Jack Coleman is among the top tier doctors in the world. In addition to countless hours of research, Dr. Coleman is outspoken on how to combat respiratory diseases. As a result, he is an asset.