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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Poised to Make Amazon Nervous

Amazon has been dominating the e-commerce women’s apparel market for so long they rarely have need to worry when another clothing company tries to knock them off the top spot. When you are making 20 percent of all the sales in the clothing niche, you can afford to breathe easily. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is trying very hard to give Amazon fits, and they started by taking in $250 million in sales of high-quality women’s active-wear. If things stay like this. Fabletics could easily give Amazon a crushing blow in the e-commerce apparel niche.


To hear it from the source, Hudson says her athleisure brand is popular for a number of reasons. The first reason being that her merchandise is modern and high-quality. Secondly, the buying experience that combines reverse showrooming and a new take on the membership platform, this is something women shoppers are not used to when they are at the Amazon website. Looking at how these women shop, we first have to stroll down to the Fabletics store in the mall. Here is where you will find women of all sizes and ages shopping the racks for the latest in active-wear and workout apparel for women.


Now the interesting part of the sales process is when these women try on the clothing at the mall, those items are saved to an online account where these women can browse at a later time. In the store, they apply for their free membership. they look at everything that has arrived since last month, and they even take the Lifestyle Quiz to enhance their Fabletics membership. Whether they buy or not in the store is irrelevant, the power in this sales process occurs at the Fabletics e-commerce website. Now these women can shop at their convenience, looking at the clothing they wore and shopping based on how those pieces of workout apparel hugged their frame.


In addition to the ease of shopping online, members get free shipping and the help of a personal shopper who uses those quiz results to select items once a month for customers to consider. Each one of these features is simply another way to pamper the customer, and when you treat these women right, they go from shoppers to loyal customers. These loyal customers are buying workout apparel at a record pace, and if Amazon is not watching, they could be surprised who owns that top spot in online women’s apparel related sales.

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Kate Hudson Steps Out as the Lead Co-Founder of Fabletics

Kate Hudson has been able to gain an edge on Amazon because she has taking the time to really pursue her customer base and stay wired into what they like. She is closely involved with the customer base for Fabletics, more so than Jeff is for Amazon customers that buy clothes. There is a long line in the chain of communication for Jeff Bezos and all the other executives that are in charge of his clothing line. Kate Hudson, by contrast, has become someone that is working the room when it comes to presenting her brand through social media. She has continued to provide customers with a variety of different brands of clothing, and she even models many of the selections that are available on the website. This has allowed Fabletics customers to identify with her and this helps the brand tremendously.


In other words, Kate Hudson is promoting and building is brand herself because she has a greater knowledge of would it takes to make this company work. She is not a figurehead that is on the perimeters of this business model for Fabletics. She is totally engulfed in getting this company to more customers, and she is planning to do something very risky in the next five years. She is going out on a limb to open another 100 stores in order to get the brand out to more consumers. This is a bold choice when so many companies have stores that are closing. Kate Hudson is willing to expand because she believes in her brand.


Kate Hudson has taken on so much responsibility for Fabletics, but this is a good thing for Don and Adam. This actually give the other cofounders of Fabletics a chance to focus on the overall business that is now Tech Style.


Kate Hudson does not mind the responsibility for Fabletics. She is passionate about it, and she knows that this is the perfect transition from an acting career where younger actresses are in place to take on more roles. She has already put many of her major movie roles on the back burner and this has allowed her to dedicate herself to building up Fabletics. She believes that her stardom will definitely reach lots of customers, but she is planning to rely on this less in upcoming years. She focuses more on the clothing design and expanding this brand throughout geographical locations.

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