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InnovaCare Healthcare Brings In More Brains to Bolster its Growth

Mike Sortino will assume the position of the Chief Accounting Officer over at InnovaCare. Before getting the appointmnet, Mr. Sortino was the Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co, controller. He was in charge of the entire USA operation. This was just after he had worked for HCC Specialty as the CFO. Mike Sortino brings over two decades worth of insurance and reisurance knowledge to InnocaCare. This is in addition to being a public accountant. Read this article about Innovacare at

Every great organization can only be as great as its leadership. InnovaCare Healthcare is focused on being the best health care provider in the region and wouldn’t stop at anything to make its leadership the very best in the market. The most recent additions to the otherwise impressive roster include Mike Sortino, Penelope Kokkinides and Jonathan Meyers.

His qualifications make him the best person to be at the very top of accounting and financial operations in InnovaCare as he brings real life experience that is crucial in managing a huge firm planning to expand even more.

Jonathan Meyers, on the other hand, comes in as the Chief Actuary Officer. This is in perfect line with his previous position as Horizon BCBS’ director for Actuarial Services, Medicaid and Medicare. Mr. Meyers has worked for a while in the Actuarial services niche. Before taking on the Horizon BCBS position, he was the Chief Actuary for HealthCare Partners, New York.

He brings on board laser focused experience and skills gathered from working similar positions in almost similar companies. Mr. Meyers will be walking familiar waters and will definitely great news to InnovaCare’s ambitions.

Finally, the Chief Administrative Officer position went to Penelope Kokkinides who has vast experience in managing Medicare and Medicaid operations across different insurance platforms. Kokkinides was the COO for Centerlight Healthcare and Touchstone Health a couple of years ago and has also been the Executive Vice President over at Americhoice’s Care and Desease Management department.

Speaking about the appointments, Rick Shinto, the InnovaCare CEO expressed his confidence on the new hires and is confident that these three great brains have what it takes to help InnovaCare keep growing and delivering top-notch services to its clientele. Dr. Shinto believes that this is what InnovaCare needs to keep its grip on the ever changing healthcare industry and continue providing relevant packages to its customers.

InnovaCare currently has around 200,000 members who are under the care of 7,500 providers. The company delivers healthcare services to less fortunate in North America and is an outspoken champion for elaborate and affordable medical care that is up to acceptable standards regardless of how much patients pay to access the services.


Jim Tananbaum Is The Architect Behind Foresite Capital

It was in 2011 that Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital. This is a private equity firm that is dedicated to healthcare. It helps to identify the healthcare leaders who may be emerging. Now it helps them to become profitable by supplying them with capital, networks, as well as all kinds of requisite information.

Before Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital, he had co-founded two other biopharmaceutical companies along with two investment practices in healthcare.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals. This has brought in two new drugs into the market. The expense was less than $80 million. In 1998, GelTex was acquired for $1.6 billion. Its lead drug is Renagel. It fetches annual revenue that exceeds $200 million. It was launched 22 years ago and fetches nearly $1 billion in annual revenue today.

Jim Tananbaum is the co-founder as well as CEO of Theravance, Inc. Besides, he is a co-founder of Prospect Venture Partners II and III. He has also been a partner at Sierra Ventures. He had helped to establish the healthcare services practice there. Foresite Capital had been founded in order to combine all the elements of his career in order to create an investment platform that is truly novel and unique.

He has studied at Yale. He is a math as well as a computer science major. He has done his M.D. as well as M.B.A. from Harvard. He did his M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He had always been passionate about combining pure sciences and computer science along with healthcare.

Jim Tananbaum is known for his productive relationships with several leading academicians. These include George Whitesides at Harvard besides Rick Klausner at NCI. His other long-term relationships are with Roy Vagelos at Merck and Theravance, besides Bob Gunderson at Gunderson Detmer along with Rick Levin at Yale. He is working across several fields with leading entrepreneurs as well as academicians. He wants to step into this era of great change along with growth that is driven by deep insights into science and learning. Check out Medium to know more.

Jim Tananbaum has been a healthcare entrepreneur for over 25 years besides being an investment strategist too. Hence he decided to start his new venture in healthcare services investment practices. Check out

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