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Toronto’s Cameron Clokie Has Made a Huge Contribution to Dental Health

Many people love traveling, but it can be more comfortable when you have a plan to maintain teeth cleanliness during the trip. There are different hygiene mechanisms of maintaining dental health at home. However some of these products cannot be accessed during the voyage. Cameron Clokie, an oral surgeon and the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. recently talked about details for keeping clean teeth during the vacation.

One of the advices he stated was careful packing. You need to pack two extra brushes which he encourages to keep at least one in a pocket close to you. Moreover, you need to have a couple of toothpaste packages and some water bottles such that when you are far from the hotel, you can still clean yourself.

Dr. Cameron Clokie said that our toothbrush is highly susceptible to bacteria that cannot even be understood. To prevent this, he encourages keeping your toothbrush dry. The drying can be done using a dryer which is found in hotels.

The toothbrush will be free from bacteria. Before departing for the trip, you should consider securing dental hygiene products. These products include mouthwash, toothpick, and dental floss among other recommended ones. According to Dr. Clokie carrying mouthwash and floss are essential products to carry.

Also, Cameron Clokie encourages having a plan B in play. Before traveling, you can research about the place and where you can access backup products around. Other than packing two brushes, it is advisable to pack double of everything else. Just in case anything goes wrong and you also lose your dental products, having others in a different bag will be a good option.

You are also advised to pack some extra teeth treats such as sugar-free gum sweetened with xylitol which is a very incredible way to take care of your teeth. Dr. Cameron said that chewing stimulates saliva flow which will cleanse your denture. It is also a good option for walking trips in areas you cannot brush.

According to Crunchbase, Cameron Clokie also advises on packing drinkable water and also be careful on everything you eat to avoid unwanted bacteria. Dr. Cameron maintains dental health for people and also advocates for regenerative medicine treatment.

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