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Tammy Mazzocco Likes To Sell Real Estate

If you ever have the hankering to go into the real estate business, a good model for you to follow would be Tammy Mazzocco of the Judy Gang Real Estate Group in Pickerington, Ohio. Mazzocco works the area of four surrounding counties, Franklin, Delaware, Licking, and Fairfield.

Mazzocco has been around real estate for quite a few years, starting as a secretary for a commercial real estate company. Her experience for the next several years was as a support person, and then as a licensed support person, but she never actually thought about becoming an agent.

Then she worked for a very successful broker for RE/MAX, and it was like a light bulb going off in her head. She suddenly saw the income opportunity, and she saw that it was for her. She joined the Judy Gang Team. Judy had been a good friend and a mentor to Tammy, and it has been a good relationship all along.

Selling real estate is a people business, and as complex as real estate can become as a discipline, it knows how to work with people that ultimately spells success. Without qualified buyers, the real estate business will not exist.

Tammy has learned how to make her clients feel special, and even before they become clients. She habitually leaves baskets and jars of goodies at local teacher’s lounges and fire and police stations. She helps her clients with their problems, even some of which are real estate problems. She focuses very hard on her clients because if their problems are not solved, then they will probably not buy.

One of the trends that Tammy certainly likes is the transfer of live prospects by Facebook, Zillow and as these are people who are very interested in looking at homes and they want to talk to somebody. Especially people who are moving in from out of the area. This is an opportunity to connect and the opportunity is golden.

Mazzocco ( does derive about 85% of her business from repeat business and referrals, but the new ones coming in simply enriches the pot, so to speak.

When she is asked what motivates her, she simply says that she likes to set goals and then break them down into smaller action steps. It is a lot easier to get excited about a smaller task that can be achieved today on the way to a bigger objective. Lots of time spent, on small steps, equals big achievements in the long run.