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Get The Best Wines From France

The French Wine Discussion

Recently, did an article about UKV PLC and their French wine company. French wine is a topic of discussion that can go on forever. Even those individuals who have the most experience in wine can be over their heads when it comes to the different aspects of French wines. If an individual is a beginner, it is important for them to get some basic knowledge about wine. French wines are labeled by region of origin instead of just the grape; the majority of wines outside of France are labeled only by their grape variety.

That Classification Of French Wines

Since France is extremely proud of their wines, they have a government regulated system that defines their winemaking practice. In that way, their wines are able to get maintain the highest quality when it comes to their classification. The most prominent wines that are produced in France are the following: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Loire. These are wines that are uniquely complex, and their taste and quality differ even within their own region.

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A Little Info On UKV PLC

An individual can get some fabulous wines from France by using a trustworthy supplier. A Well-known supplier of French wine is UKV PLC. UKV PLC has trained individuals who are expert consultants. These are individuals who are familiar with everything that has to do with French wine including pairing, purchasing times, taste, smell, and preference. UKV PLC is a company that is focused on giving an exceptional level of customer care to their clients. They are a company that deals with some of the most prestigious wines from countries such as Spain, Italy, and of course France. UKV PLC has a small team of individuals who love wine, and they offer face-to-face meetings with clients at their offices, or they offer to meet with their clients in a desired location.

An Insight into the French Wine Appellation

UKV PLC is a company specializing in acquisition and sale of wines. The company advises on the importance of knowing the French wine naming/labeling system. In France, wines are labeled by the region where it was produced. The wine appellation system is government regulated whereby grapes varieties and wine making practices are used for the appellation. One of the highest recognized quality of this classification is d’origine controlee.According to UKV PLC, this classification system is based on the climate of an area, soil types, altitude, topography and the local tradition of an area. In France, the area of wine production is just as important as the type of grape used in making the wine.Burgundy is a region where they produce both red and white wine. The most common red wine variety produced here is the Pinot Noir. Burgundy white wines are produced from Chardonnay grapes giving it its mineral and light fruit flavors. The vineyards in Burgundy are highly praised worldwide for the production of local wines in France. These are some of the wines that fetch the highest prices.

Bordeaux is a region that been producing wines that are exported to different countries in the world. The grapes from this region are blended to produce medium- body red wine. The wine varieties produced in this region may include Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. This region has got over 10,000 wine producers hence affordable to the locals.Champagne is a region in Northeastern France that is renowned for producing sparkling wine. The region has high altitude areas where wine is produced using the double-fermentation process. The locals here call wine from other regions crémant.The Loire is a diverse region in wine production. The region has 87 appellations for producing every kind of wine. They are located near the ocean. One of their good wine variety is Muscadet, white wine. Other wine varieties produced here are Sauvignon blanc and Chenin blanc.


UKV PLC is a company specialized in outsourcing and supplying the wine. UKV PLC has experts who deeply understand French wines. These experts will advise business people on the right wines to stock and when is the right timing to purchase wines.Those wanting to invest in Wine business can always get help from UKV PLC. The company uses the social media platform to advertise and market their products. UKV PLC can be followed on Twitter @UKV PLC, liked on faced book at UKV PLC and also followed in Instagram and LinkedIn.UKV PLC is based in the UK.