Former Professor Donates $1 Million to Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is building a new planetarium. Recently, it got a great boost. A former instructor of Orange Coast College donated one million dollars for this planetarium. The instructor is Mary McChesney, who used to be a professor at the college. The money will go for a Foucault pendulum.

That is a type of device that is used to show how the earth rotates. The professor said that she was happy to donate to the planetarium, which will be beacon of science and learning for the college and for the community around the college.

Mary McChesney is ninety one years old. She says that although she is now old, she still loves Orange Coast College as much as she used to. She says her donation is in honor of her deceased partner, Adelyn Bonin.

Bonin was also a professor at the college, and she passed away earlier this year. Both McChesney and Bonis taught languages at the college. McChesney taught Spanish and English, while Bonin taught German. They both retired in 1983. McChesney taught for thirty three years at the college.

There used to be an old planetarium that was opened in 1950. It was torn down and a new one was opened in 2015. The old one could only fit around thirty five people. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

The new one will be able to fit over one hundred and twenty five people. It will serve the college, the surrounding residents, and students in elementary and middle school who live in the area.

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 and is a community college in Orange County, California. There are around twenty four undergraduate students each year at the college. The college goes on for two years and offers classes in a variety of subjects. They also offer awards and certificates of achievement.

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