Jim Hunt of VTA Publications and the Make Mum A Millionaire Method

VTA Publication is a private liability company that focuses on non-fiction publication. They tend to cater for long-distance learning as well as act as an event organizer that caters to specialized genres. Formed and incorporated back in 2012, VTA Publication has gone ahead to serve thousands of its clients who have benefited from their services and information products.

They strive to provide cutting-edge information to their clients, particularly in economic and finance fields on Twitter by seeking information from reputable sources and individuals around the globe. They do deliver their information in a digital format or through physical books.

VTA Publication offers a broad range of their products and services aimed at helping their clients to attain their learning needs and achieve their personal goals. These products and services range from seminars, courses, books, and DVDs.
Among their most interesting courses is the ‘Make Mom A Millionaire.’ This is a step-by-step method that the founder of VTA Publications, Jim Hunt, is planning to use to make his mother a millionaire in just ten trades.

Asked about this approach, Jim replied that he intends to use a thousand pound as an initial trading amount and use the compounding method to increase the profits and within ten trades on beta.companieshouse.gov.uk, he would have reached the million pound goal.

Who is Jim Hunt?

Jim Hunt was born in East Kent in the UK. He is considered by many as the stock trade ‘whistleblower’ who tends to help the ‘little guy’ fight the ‘big guys.’ The little guy was referring to the ordinary person while the big guys were referring to big corporate and financial institutions.

He is currently working for a financial research company, and his nature of work enables him to commute occasionally between the UK and the US. Through these movements, he has met and interacted with many people.

His passion for books made him form VTA Publications that was aimed at helping thousands of people around the world get access to better information to fulfill their personal goals.

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