Mike Baur: Swiss Businessman

Not many people know about successful business people in other countries, which is sad because many have brilliant entrepreneurs with inspiring stories. The story of Mike Baur is one that every aspiring entrepreneur should at least hear about. Baur started out in a moderate town called Freiburg, Switzerland.

Since his youth, he’s always been fascinated with finance. After earning degrees from Bern University and the University of Rochester, he got a job at Union Bank of Switzerland. The hiring manager immediately took a liking to Baur. He believed that Baur would do very well at the company, even listing every promotion he believed Baur would earn in his career.

At first, the list of predicted promotions delighted Baur. He worked with UBS until the early 2000s. By the time he was 30, he’d earned a prominent advisory position. Despite his enormous success at UBS, he moved to another bank, Clariden Leu, in Zurich in 2008.

After only six years of working at Clariden, Baur felt the passion for banking fade away. Though he loved finance, bankers devote too much time to dealing with red tape. In 2014, Baur joined Max Meister in an incubator program venture, which they named Swiss Startup Factory.

Part of mentoring and advising tech entrepreneurs is encouraging them to try things on their own. Their favorite method of getting entrepreneurs into the world is getting them to compete in the START Summiteer, a pitch contest. Usually, the winning companies get substantial investments from spectators and jurors.

Like all great entrepreneurs, Baur didn’t stop at starting one business. The same year he co-founded SSUF, he founded Think Reloaded, a financial advisory firm. The even joined CTI Invest as a managing director. Of course, his two companies began working together. Now, SSUF has a partnership with BV4.

Baur and Meister created SSUF to be different. It’s their company, not owned by another business or political organization. This allows the company to act without conflicts of interest. Especially for Baur, SSUF is a devoted lifestyle, not just a business that makes people money. He dedicated most of his time to working closely with the young entrepreneurs they support.

There’s also reasoning behind naming their company a “factory”. The word factory usually reflects the image of efficient and union. Together, factory workers produce amazing products in a timely manner every day.


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