Arthur Becker’s Journey to Real Estate Success

A trip into Arthur Becker’s real estate office, located in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York, reveals a man that is deeply passionate about a slew of different things. One half of his office is completely beholden to his fierce passion for artwork. You’ll see a studio with sculptures, paintings, and projects on display and for sale. On the other half of the office you will see some of the largest developmental real estate work in New York City on display. Becker’s willingness to pursue his passion in all walks of life has led him to some major forms of success, particularly in real estate and that is where we will be focusing today.

Arthur Becker transitioned from banking and work as a stockbroker right into the exciting and fast paced field of real estate in New York City. Becker turned his first fortune into a slew of investments in real estate in both New York and Florida before finally deciding to stick it out in the Big Apple. Becker revealed on Curbed that he knew going in that New York’s real estate scene could be notoriously tough to break into so he began work as a quiet backer, working right alongside some of the top names in the industry.

Becker said on Huffington Post that he got his start in the New York real estate scene in 2011 when he established Madison Partners LLC and he immediately went to work. Becker worked alongside Kevin Maloney as well as Michael Stern on their Billionaires Row project which was located at 111 West 57th Street. Becker would transition from this huge development to a luxury condo unit on Sullivan Street in downtown Soho. Becker’s work as a quiet backer on all of these developments put him in a position to create a network of connections while also establishing nice returns on his investments. This is the way to get an ‘in’ with the real estate crowd and Becker explored it perfectly.

Arthur Becker’s path to real estate may seem relatively linear but it truly was anything but. Becker focused on investments that he was passionate and knowledgeable about and he parlayed that passion into success in the investment field.

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An Insight into the French Wine Appellation

UKV PLC is a company specializing in acquisition and sale of wines. The company advises on the importance of knowing the French wine naming/labeling system. In France, wines are labeled by the region where it was produced. The wine appellation system is government regulated whereby grapes varieties and wine making practices are used for the appellation. One of the highest recognized quality of this classification is d’origine controlee.According to UKV PLC, this classification system is based on the climate of an area, soil types, altitude, topography and the local tradition of an area. In France, the area of wine production is just as important as the type of grape used in making the wine.Burgundy is a region where they produce both red and white wine. The most common red wine variety produced here is the Pinot Noir. Burgundy white wines are produced from Chardonnay grapes giving it its mineral and light fruit flavors. The vineyards in Burgundy are highly praised worldwide for the production of local wines in France. These are some of the wines that fetch the highest prices.

Bordeaux is a region that been producing wines that are exported to different countries in the world. The grapes from this region are blended to produce medium- body red wine. The wine varieties produced in this region may include Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. This region has got over 10,000 wine producers hence affordable to the locals.Champagne is a region in Northeastern France that is renowned for producing sparkling wine. The region has high altitude areas where wine is produced using the double-fermentation process. The locals here call wine from other regions crémant.The Loire is a diverse region in wine production. The region has 87 appellations for producing every kind of wine. They are located near the ocean. One of their good wine variety is Muscadet, white wine. Other wine varieties produced here are Sauvignon blanc and Chenin blanc.


UKV PLC is a company specialized in outsourcing and supplying the wine. UKV PLC has experts who deeply understand French wines. These experts will advise business people on the right wines to stock and when is the right timing to purchase wines.Those wanting to invest in Wine business can always get help from UKV PLC. The company uses the social media platform to advertise and market their products. UKV PLC can be followed on Twitter @UKV PLC, liked on faced book at UKV PLC and also followed in Instagram and LinkedIn.UKV PLC is based in the UK.


The Generosity of Betsy DeVos

Of the many influential families that currently reside in the United States, one family in particular stands out due to not only their excellence in the world of business, but also due to their excellence outside of business where they are known as a generous family who has given billions of dollars for economic growth towards local communities. This family is known as the DeVos family, a family that resides in West Michigan and that works hard on the family business that was founded by Richard DeVos, the head of the family as well as an inspirational businessman with a natural talent for leadership. The family company is known as Amway Corporation and is a company that looks to offer household products that are used everyday to households all over the world. What makes these products special is the fact that they are not only affordable, but they are also of the highest quality.


As a prominent member of the family who founded Amway Corporation, Richard DeVos has inspired many of his children to carry on the business. Of his children, Dick DeVos has become an individual who has known that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father ever since he was a young boy. Even as a child with no formal education, Dick DeVos knew that he wanted to run the company and to make his father proud in the process. Dick DeVos has fond memories of playing with his brother in the company and helping the employees out by not only running errands, but also by filing papers and by giving product descriptions to clients.

In addition to Dick DeVos, his wife Betsy DeVos has become more and more involved in what the DeVos family is also known for; philanthropy. As the wife of a billionaire, Betsy DeVos has made sure that much of Dick DeVos’ income goes to renowned charities across the United States that all have the main goal of improving the well-being of the locals within communities. Betsy DeVos has worked hard with different foundations in order to create opportunities for everyone for success.

Of the many initiatives that Betsy and Dick DeVos are involved in, Dick and Betsy DeVos are the most passionate about the education initiative because it is their belief that an increase in human capital will lead to an increase in the overall economic well-being and economic growth. Betsy and Dick DeVos have used this belief to donate millions of dollars towards scholarships and even towards the building of schools. Dick and Betsy DeVos are particularly proud of a project that was completed in 2010 that was the building of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a school of excellence that encourages further learning. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Poised to Make Amazon Nervous

Amazon has been dominating the e-commerce women’s apparel market for so long they rarely have need to worry when another clothing company tries to knock them off the top spot. When you are making 20 percent of all the sales in the clothing niche, you can afford to breathe easily. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is trying very hard to give Amazon fits, and they started by taking in $250 million in sales of high-quality women’s active-wear. If things stay like this. Fabletics could easily give Amazon a crushing blow in the e-commerce apparel niche.


To hear it from the source, Hudson says her athleisure brand is popular for a number of reasons. The first reason being that her merchandise is modern and high-quality. Secondly, the buying experience that combines reverse showrooming and a new take on the membership platform, this is something women shoppers are not used to when they are at the Amazon website. Looking at how these women shop, we first have to stroll down to the Fabletics store in the mall. Here is where you will find women of all sizes and ages shopping the racks for the latest in active-wear and workout apparel for women.


Now the interesting part of the sales process is when these women try on the clothing at the mall, those items are saved to an online account where these women can browse at a later time. In the store, they apply for their free membership. they look at everything that has arrived since last month, and they even take the Lifestyle Quiz to enhance their Fabletics membership. Whether they buy or not in the store is irrelevant, the power in this sales process occurs at the Fabletics e-commerce website. Now these women can shop at their convenience, looking at the clothing they wore and shopping based on how those pieces of workout apparel hugged their frame.


In addition to the ease of shopping online, members get free shipping and the help of a personal shopper who uses those quiz results to select items once a month for customers to consider. Each one of these features is simply another way to pamper the customer, and when you treat these women right, they go from shoppers to loyal customers. These loyal customers are buying workout apparel at a record pace, and if Amazon is not watching, they could be surprised who owns that top spot in online women’s apparel related sales.

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InnovaCare Healthcare Brings In More Brains to Bolster its Growth

Mike Sortino will assume the position of the Chief Accounting Officer over at InnovaCare. Before getting the appointmnet, Mr. Sortino was the Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co, controller. He was in charge of the entire USA operation. This was just after he had worked for HCC Specialty as the CFO. Mike Sortino brings over two decades worth of insurance and reisurance knowledge to InnocaCare. This is in addition to being a public accountant. Read this article about Innovacare at

Every great organization can only be as great as its leadership. InnovaCare Healthcare is focused on being the best health care provider in the region and wouldn’t stop at anything to make its leadership the very best in the market. The most recent additions to the otherwise impressive roster include Mike Sortino, Penelope Kokkinides and Jonathan Meyers.

His qualifications make him the best person to be at the very top of accounting and financial operations in InnovaCare as he brings real life experience that is crucial in managing a huge firm planning to expand even more.

Jonathan Meyers, on the other hand, comes in as the Chief Actuary Officer. This is in perfect line with his previous position as Horizon BCBS’ director for Actuarial Services, Medicaid and Medicare. Mr. Meyers has worked for a while in the Actuarial services niche. Before taking on the Horizon BCBS position, he was the Chief Actuary for HealthCare Partners, New York.

He brings on board laser focused experience and skills gathered from working similar positions in almost similar companies. Mr. Meyers will be walking familiar waters and will definitely great news to InnovaCare’s ambitions.

Finally, the Chief Administrative Officer position went to Penelope Kokkinides who has vast experience in managing Medicare and Medicaid operations across different insurance platforms. Kokkinides was the COO for Centerlight Healthcare and Touchstone Health a couple of years ago and has also been the Executive Vice President over at Americhoice’s Care and Desease Management department.

Speaking about the appointments, Rick Shinto, the InnovaCare CEO expressed his confidence on the new hires and is confident that these three great brains have what it takes to help InnovaCare keep growing and delivering top-notch services to its clientele. Dr. Shinto believes that this is what InnovaCare needs to keep its grip on the ever changing healthcare industry and continue providing relevant packages to its customers.

InnovaCare currently has around 200,000 members who are under the care of 7,500 providers. The company delivers healthcare services to less fortunate in North America and is an outspoken champion for elaborate and affordable medical care that is up to acceptable standards regardless of how much patients pay to access the services.


How Is Oncotarget Publishing Better Information For Medical Studies?

Oncotarget is one of the best medical publications in the world, and it is a place where researchers may come when they need a new place to publish their work. The work that has been created for Oncotarget helps people learn about their medical conditions, and they may come to a place that will help them share insights with their doctor. This article explains how Oncotarget is helping the medical community improve its research and treatments.

#1: Publishing Often

All peer-reviewed articles are published through the journal when completed, and they will send all older articles to their archive. The archive is a beautiful place for readers to come where they may find all the information they need, and they may read these articles as often as they like. The articles on the site cover a number of topics, and someone who is interested in cancer and related treatments may read further.

#2: Accepting All Studies

Oncotarget is willing to read any study in their peer-review process. There are quite a few different people who may send in their studies, and each person who reads n this place may be inspired to send in their own research. The research is quite expansive, and someone who has not found a place to publish in the past may do so now. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.

#3: The Site Is Open To Many

The site is open to many who wish to read about medical research, and someone who is learning about a medical condition may print the study because they need to have a paper copy. There are many people who are desperate to find information on a medical condition, and there are many others who may use this information because they are searching for better treatment.

There are quite a few people who are searching for better medical information, and someone who is looking over the journal may check the archive at any time. The Oncotarget staff will create a peer review that helps the researcher do better work, and they will publish when they have found the finest research on a specific topic they want to see. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at

Omar Yunes; The Sky is the Limit

To win the Best Franchisee of the World is a big deal, as in 2015 contest, 34 countries were represented there, and for the year 2016, Omar Yunes, who is the franchisee for Sushi Itto, won First Place in the Mexican chapter of BFW, and First Place in the finals in Florence, Italy. Omar Yunes got started at the age of 21 and currently owns 13 franchise elements in Mexico City, Veracruz and also Puebla. Omar’s 13 elements make up 10% of the Sushi Itto name. Omar won the award because of his management skills and information, and creating control boards to have a transparent measurement of each element. He offers excellence in customer service, one-of-a-kind hospitality and creative flavors in the franchises he operates. Omar Yunes competed against companies such as Denny’s, Dairy Queen, and Hardees, so the award given him was no small deal.

In addition to Omar Yunes being a very busy franchisee, he gives back to his community. Having been given a chance to change his life starting at 21; Omar appreciates his heritage and understands that his fellow Mexicans want the same thing. Yunes is working hard towards bringing franchises out of just the regional status and into the international one. He currently has 400 employees working for him in his franchises, and wants for his community to have the same opportunity for a change in life, where one can support their family, have freedom, and a consistent job. Omar believes his employees are the most valuable asset, and welcomes their input to help the company grow, and he encourages them.

Omar Yunes wants the company he represents to become the best hospitality brand in the world, offering the best in services and food to his customers. He is motivated, innovative, and a great leader, which is why Sushi Itto is not just known regionally, but internationally. His approach to challenges is done with a positive attitude and can explain to his employees the different business concepts to help the franchises do better, people working as a team more efficiently, and more. Omar Yunes is a force to be reckoned with and the sky is the limit for him.

How Mike Heiligenstein has led CTRMA in Reducing Traffic Congestion.

Central Texas is a growing concern for commuters as traffic congestion increases on a daily basis. Projections show that traffic will continue to increase and this will cause congestion to increase in the next decade. The company, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a company that specializes in the mobility of traffic.

Their mission statement is to make solutions to solve the increase in traffic congestion. The company is involved with many roadway projects that has been experiencing traffic congestion on a daily basis. With communities always expanding, the need for roadway expansions is a must.

According to Biz Journals, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has built many roadways that have a variable toll system in place. This can be seen like supply and demand as the population continues to grow.

According to Crunchbase, the most current project that the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is working on is the MoPac Express Lanes. This project has the variable tolling system in place so that traffic flow will remain steady. Congestion is a growing concern and will always be a problem, but the congestion can be cut down by implementing the proper roadway solutions such as the MoPac Express Lanes.

Future projects like building smart roads are underway. The premise is to be ready for when smart cars can communicate with the highways. This is done by laying fiber lines in the roadways. The benefits of this is that if a car had turned onto a ramp going the wrong direction, the roadways can pick this up and alert the proper channels.

The Mobile Authority group has partnered with two companies, Metropia and Carma. Carma and the Mobile Authority group has created a carpooling app. This app is used so that congestion can be decreased by multiple people riding together on a daily basis. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

There is an estimate of 900,000 empty seats that travel daily. By grouping individuals together that are going in the same direction, this will cut down on the number of cars driving, thus improving traffic. Metropia and the Mobile Authority Group are working on an app that will give commuters alternate routes when traffic is reaching its heaviest on any given day.

Mike Heiligenstein is well known when it comes to infrastructure. He is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Prior to taking his role with the Mobility Authority, the Mobility Authority was at a standstill on how to generate revenue to fund the expansions of roadways and adding toll systems.

Now, the company has a system in place that will generate over $100 million by the year 2020.

Plan The Perfect Day With Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

For people that have a better idea of what Manaira Shopping has to offer, they can take the time to plan out their day. People can figure out the type of day they want to have as it depends on how much money they have. For people that have tons of money to spend and want to reward themselves for a productive week at work, there are tons of activities they could be a part of. For one thing, people can be a part of the arcade, concerts and even go to the movies. If they have enough money, they can take part in almost every activity that the mall offers. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

One example of a perfect day at Manaira Mall is when one goes to the mall to do some shopping. They can either go get some clothes or they can go to electronic stores. There are also plenty of other facilities that people can visit. For one thing, there is a Samsung store that has a lot of the latest gadgets. People can look into buying the latest Samsung Galaxy device. This allows them to not only enjoy their phone services but also enjoy entertainment from the most advanced devices.

Manaira Shopping offers people some forms of technology such as tablets which give people access to the internet which they can use with the wi-fi hotspots at the mall. Fortunately, the hot spots are broadband. Therefore, people are going to be able to enjoy high-speed access to the internet. Then there is fashion shopping. However, people will be able to find a lot of new styles with the stores of their choice. With the stores that are in the mall, people can use their imagination and creativity to buy the perfect outfit.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall makes sure that people are able to find items that they need to buy. With all of the activities that are available, it is easy for one to be able to come up with a plan that involves shopping, then going to the movies or other forms of entertainment, and then going to the bar to wind down. Read more on Exame

Jim Tananbaum Is The Architect Behind Foresite Capital

It was in 2011 that Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital. This is a private equity firm that is dedicated to healthcare. It helps to identify the healthcare leaders who may be emerging. Now it helps them to become profitable by supplying them with capital, networks, as well as all kinds of requisite information.

Before Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital, he had co-founded two other biopharmaceutical companies along with two investment practices in healthcare.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals. This has brought in two new drugs into the market. The expense was less than $80 million. In 1998, GelTex was acquired for $1.6 billion. Its lead drug is Renagel. It fetches annual revenue that exceeds $200 million. It was launched 22 years ago and fetches nearly $1 billion in annual revenue today.

Jim Tananbaum is the co-founder as well as CEO of Theravance, Inc. Besides, he is a co-founder of Prospect Venture Partners II and III. He has also been a partner at Sierra Ventures. He had helped to establish the healthcare services practice there. Foresite Capital had been founded in order to combine all the elements of his career in order to create an investment platform that is truly novel and unique.

He has studied at Yale. He is a math as well as a computer science major. He has done his M.D. as well as M.B.A. from Harvard. He did his M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He had always been passionate about combining pure sciences and computer science along with healthcare.

Jim Tananbaum is known for his productive relationships with several leading academicians. These include George Whitesides at Harvard besides Rick Klausner at NCI. His other long-term relationships are with Roy Vagelos at Merck and Theravance, besides Bob Gunderson at Gunderson Detmer along with Rick Levin at Yale. He is working across several fields with leading entrepreneurs as well as academicians. He wants to step into this era of great change along with growth that is driven by deep insights into science and learning. Check out Medium to know more.

Jim Tananbaum has been a healthcare entrepreneur for over 25 years besides being an investment strategist too. Hence he decided to start his new venture in healthcare services investment practices. Check out

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