Protecting Our Prisons: Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a new company to me. I spotted an article on PR Newswire about their client testimonials and did a little research on the company. They specialize in utilizing top technology and software to protect prisons and correctional facilities, especially in regard to bringing in illegal cell phones.


The company had rave reviews from actually clients. I will share some with you below:


  • One facility credited the technology used to monitor cell phones with the discovery of the use of drugs, alcohol and violence by inmates. It also unearthed information about a shooting.
  • One facility credited Securus Technologies with the ability to be more proactive in protecting from violence.
  • A Sheriff’s department wrote to say that the technology provided by Securus was essential in the seizure of millions of dollars worth of drugs, guns and cash.
  • One facility wrote to say that phone monitoring technology had caught a conversation of a person being detained for trial trying to convince his brother to lie about an alibi for him.
  • One person wrote a testimonial discussing how important the monitoring system was to them and that it alone was enough of a reason to continue the partnership wtih Securus Technologies for years to come



In short, testimonials like this give credit to the power of investing in being up to date on the latest technologies within our prisons and correctional institutions.


In addition to providing security technologies, Securus also is widely known as one of the largest providers of mobile phone access and video chat visitation to inmates so they can communicate with their loved ones in an easy and effective manner. They work with over 3,500 prisons and institutions across the United States, Canada and Mexico to provide these services to one million plsu inmates.


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  1. Wynter Jaziel

    Before the coming of Securus Technologies, the prisons officers were finding it difficult accomplishing some task. Despite the searching of visitors, contraband materials were still found in the hands of inmates. Then, essay writing services feedback came up with their services which have helped greatly. With Securus now, inmates calls are being monitored as it has helped prison officials reduced crimes in the prison.

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