Stem Cell Therapy the New Solution

Stem Cell Therapy is a new technology that physician use to treat patients with the chronic pulmonary condition. Dr. Coleman of the Lung Institute at an International Congress in Italy said that the traditional way of treatment is expensive, time-consuming and tiresome and the need for new technology is inevitable.

Stem cells, when returned to a patient’s body, can improve lung function by promoting lung healing. According to Cedars-Sinai, a small amount of blood or bone marrow is drawn from the patient, then stem cells are separated from other cells and lastly, the cells are returned to the patient through the blood stream. In the bloodstream, the stem cells go to the right side of the heart and are pumped to the lungs. Usually, blood will distribute items carried to the whole body, but with stem cells, it is different the cells are trapped in the lungs.

A thorough investigation of a patient is done; doctors view their history and the current condition they are in before introducing the treatment. This ensures that the patient gets the best results after treatment is administered.

Lung Institute was established to help patients with chronic lung disease; they came up with a method that is efficient and promotes natural healing, unlike the traditional method which relieves the symptoms but does not deal with the underlying problem. The stem cell therapy has no side effects because physicians at Lung Institute use the sample from the patient to treat, so no foreign material is introduced into the patient.

Currently, Lung Institute has branches in Nashville, Dallas, Scottsdale, Pittsburgh and Tampa; and has top-notch physicians who are committed to making their patients’ lives better. The Institute has treated over three thousand patients, and more than eighty percent have reported an improvement. The senior medical director, Dr. Coleman said that they have a responsibility of giving patients best treatment that will improve their quality of life. Lung Institute has given new hope to patients who have lungs problem; they have the hope to breathe easier. TO learn more about the success of stem cell theraphy, check out the Lung Institute’s testimonials page.

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  1. Dulce Felipe

    While stuck in the lungs stem cells promote healing process they self-renew and replicate; have the ability to form any tissue in the body. It in fact a pathetic thing that has been able to prescribe for them which may not be that serious in the long run too.

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